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Getting it appropriate Bekasi Award As Best-5 “Media Center” Se-Indonesia?

February 17, 2012 By: Bradley Yates Category: Bekasi, Citizen Journalism, government, motivation, Renungan

public-informationCongratulation? for Bekasi City Government since returning excel in the National Evaluation of Synergy Media Public event held at Hotel Sahid Imara, Palembang ( 16.02.12 ) and was organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia through the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication , City Bekasi successfully nominated in 10 of the ” Media Center “best, which became the 5th best in Indonesia for the category ” Media Center “.

The criteria for assessment by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia through the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication, among others of the authenticity of the news aspect , contributions or donations given by local news from January to December 2011 , as well as the communication between the media center in the area with the Central Government .

130 ” Media Center “area ( province, city and district ) were assessed by the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication throughout Indonesia, Bekasi successfully won the best award to-5. A feat that is quite encouraging for Bekasi City Government and Society course, although not being the best first as achieved by Singkawang District of West Kalimantan Province.

I myself do not really know in detail about the ” Media Center “in question here, which is obviously” Media Center “is set up with the aim of providing information to the community development and also as a place for the media to obtain information development has been done by every- each Regional Working Units ( on education ) in the local government area / district. To date the role of Media Center are considered quite effective to provide information that is local wisdom in this country so that people can get useful information, so as to create two-way communication, both vertically and horizontally.

The question is, can be the best Bekasi regency Singkawang first like today, in the years to come ? Given the rapid growth of the city of Bekasi, especially in terms of the development of public information, this actually is not a difficult thing for the City of Bekasi. Why is not difficult? Like we all know, since the establishment of a Community Blogger ( writer online ) in Bekasi first and named ” Bekasi Blogger Community “or more popularly called” Beblog “which incidentally is also focused on” sharing of public information “, then it would be very easy for Bekasi city as a whole to begin to clean up to be the best as the ” Media Center “throughout Indonesia.

Breakthrough ” Beblog “with a myriad of achievements currently has the vision and mission in line with the main objective ” Media Center “to share public information, is actually one of the strengths of Bekasi City Government to be the best as the” Media Center “, and of course will impact greatly significant if only the Government of Bekasi sensitive and observant enough to see the opportunities in synergy with “Beblog” more intensively again.

The presence of ” Beblog “a very clear vision and mission for the community and the City of Bekasi today, should be put to good use by the competent authorities and decision-makers to explore more seriously the potential of local knowledge Bekasi through long-term cooperation in particular the associated with the development of a ” Media Center “Bekasi City Government.

Although he has made ​​several synergies in the form of support for sponsorship in this community event a few times, but the presence of ” Beblog “for Bekasi City Government until now seemed impressed not considered important enough. In fact, if it can work together well, even the existence of ” Beblog “This could also be one of the referral and evaluation for the City of Bekasi to share public information more effectively.

Sharing information with the public is very strong local content of Bekasi City and surrounding areas on the portal ” Beblog “This has been done quite well by the bloggers who are members of this community, which mostly have a very diverse background, ranging from housewives, students , students, teachers, professors, employees, businessmen / entrepreneurs, politicians, reporters / journalists, diplomatic officials and even to professional writers. They all write about Bekasi, good and bad about Bekasi discussed in detail from the point of view which is very different from the point of view of the government.

So, if the question is: Getting Bekasi Pantaskah Award as Best-5 Media Center in Indonesia? , then the answer is obviously only less wonder , why? Because the truth could Bekasi and even so has the opportunity to become ” Media Center ” Best First in Indonesia. With the efforts of the City Government of Bekasi to the management of public information they have today, in the form of revamping some indicators of public information such as Bekasi City’s online website itself, and the provision of opportunity for writers to submit opinions posted directly on the official portal Bekasi , then also the presence of several online communities like ” Beblog “, should be synergized seriously and comprehensively to make the City of Bekasi to be the best in terms of ” Media Center “.

The ” Media Center “has indeed made ​​image Bekasi City Government is now ” good “, but not the” Best “in terms of” Media Center “, so do not feel too complacent and proud once let alone to get carried away, because it was awarded The.

There is a wise proverb that says: ” Good is the Enemy of Great “, that is if we’re feeling pretty good ( Good ) usually we never encouraged to be the best and outstanding ( Great ). Because of ” Good “is usually has put us in a position or area that is very comfortable ( Comfort Zone ), making it difficult, even very lazy to develop into the best and outstanding ( Great ).

Therefore the main enemy to be ” Great “is” Good “, and therefore it is also only a few others of us who could be” great “at this time because it was lulled into” Good “. So, now we leave the option to the Government of Bekasi City! Quite simply choose to be ” Good “, or not satisfied and want to be” Great “.

Is it true that “Fly Over Ahmad Yani” A Solution For People Bekasi?

February 03, 2012 By: Bradley Yates Category: Bekasi, Citizen Journalism

Some time ago as it passed along the road A. Yani in Bekasi after quite a long time does not pass there, it seems there are many significant differences. Development discourse Gymnasium (GOR) Bekasi since a few years ago, which are located just bersebrang-sebrangan the offices of mayor of Bekasi, has now been seen stretching its construction.

ada-yulIs no less striking as the GOR development is development discourse Bekasi City Fly Over Ahmad Yani from a leading private developer in Jakarta, PT Summarecon Agung Tbk., Which also has begun to look geliatnya, although seemed a bit long since established its first stone laid by the Mayor of Bekasi, Mochtar Mohammad, more than a year ago ( March 10, 2010 ).

Not important when the discourse was made or promised, either by the government or by private parties, which is important for the city of Bekasi is when construction began and when to use or actually be beneficial for the city of Bekasi pembagunannya overall.

I’m not in the mood to discuss the GOR development which would be expected to be a pride ( icon ) for the City of Bekasi, especially in the field of Sports. Writing this I just want to highlight or focus on infrastructure development ( fly over ) which will reportedly cost around Rp. 170 billion and is currently being carried out by the developer, which he said would be ” A Solution For People Bekasi “.

Question that arises then is tickled, did construction of ” Fly Over Ahmad Yani “will be” A Community Solution for Bekasi “is a solution or just a” Partial “on behalf of the City of Bekasi? …” is that we need to dig deeper into the answer .

If we examine more deeply, indeed in every area of ​​the construction of a course will have social impacts that go with it, be it positive or negative impact. The choice is which one is more dominant, if these values ​​more positive, then the development is feasible, but if it will have a negative impact on the region or the area surrounding it is better to be reviewed, not to be stopped but returned again studied scientifically so that the impact The negative effects can be minimized.

There are many examples of infrastructure development in Jakarta, for example, the area immediately adjacent to the current City of Bekasi, which is precisely construction provides social impacts are quite alarming, although scientific studies are already qualified to be implemented.

Scientific study, especially for the private sector is not always ideally generate profit ( profit ) as much as possible without regard to the social aspects of development and the other side of the community that developed around the construction area, especially if the scientific study devoted to the interests of the Government.

banner_default-300x171Back kemasalah ” Fly Over Ahmad Yani “, in principle the development is ideally will bring many benefits to the most people Bekasi, especially the people of the North, especially if access from the northern direction ( such as the Gulf Buyung, and surrounding areas ) so the open access by developers to connect traffic flows from the northern direction across housing Summarecon Bekasi, then breaks into ” Fly Over Ahmad Yani “path towards Kalimalang or direct entry doors Toll Bekasi to Jakarta or cikampek, as planned beginning of Developers.

As we know, since the proliferation of settlements ( housing ) in North Bekasi last decade, resulting congestion conditions not inferior to Jakarta, especially during rush hours on the day job. All the people of the north Bekasi ( ranging from Babelan direction, the Gulf Pucung, Wisma Asri, to the Gulf Buyung ) moved to Jakarta-direction at the same time, although there have been several such alternative pathways leading to Pondok Ungu and Rawa Bebek ( Kranji ), but still it does not reduce the level of congestion along these lines, especially towards the railway crossing paths in Bekasi city station.

Construction of ” Fly Over Ahmad Yani “at this time, certainly not out of” Commercial Aspects “comprehensively for Developers, in other words, developers have far more interest in the” Fly Over “is, rather than local government. With a ” Fly Over “, then access traffic from North Bekasi through the housing will be open and economically bound to increase property values ​​and make the area along the road that is supposed to be the business center by the Bekasi Summarecon to grow and develop enough significant.

Concrete example, just look at how the rapid development of residential Summarecon Kelapa Gading today, because access to the main traffic lane that breaks all directions, ranging from Rawamangun , Pulogadung , Tanjung Priok to Sunter . As if Kelapa Gading has a magnetic field and business centers from all over the.

Subsequent impact is significantly increasing property prices, although as we all know that the Kelapa Gading is one of the areas affected by the severe flooding, but the flooding effect as if it does not reduce the desire of investors to own assets around Kelapa Gading, higher levels of demand ( demand ) rather than the level of supply ( supply ) is a main reason why the value of property in Kelapa Gading area is increasing from time to time.

Building on the success Summarecon Kelapa Gading, can be predicted that the concept of development Summarecon Bekasi also be similar, although still required some adjustment, given the market for Summarecon Kelapa Gading certainly have differences of characteristics with the market for Summarecon Bekasi.Ya, it turns out if examined closely, could be ” Fly Over “is a” sale value “and is the” Marketing Strategy “from developers to sell properties in the region, which is planned to take about 10 years to develop the area as a whole Summarecon Bekasi.

Just look at the results, not even 2 ( two ) years to develop property in the city of Bekasi, an increase in property prices ( house ) in Bekasi Summarecon that initially only around 700-800 million-an, now has reached a value of 1 billion or more. A very promising property investment course with the ROI ( Return on Investment ) reached between 30-40% in less than 2 years ( or about 15-20% per year ), whereas ” Fly Over “was just not finished made.

Try it you compare, if you only save money or to invest in bank deposits which returns only between 5-7% per year. Investment in property in Bekasi Summarecon certainly more promising and will automatically increase the coffers of your investment up to 2-fold in value.

There is nothing wrong if Summarecon Bekasi today, seems to have captured the public market Bekasi quickly, because the concept of the development of the region is quite clear and is very promising for investors to invest.

The most important part that must be considered by the City Government of Bekasi in addressing the development and growth of the region is to harmonize or balance the interests of developers ( private ) with the interests of the people and government of Bekasi that social impacts, particularly the negative impact a top priority and given a solution the best.

The simplest example for instance, how the fate of the economy all the way to the Gulf Buyung months ( Bekasi city station ) that has always been there, that if access to the pass through the ” Fly Over “is opened, it is certain level of traffic density on This trajectory will be much reduced even tend to die, because the absorption lines are smoother asphalt new, wider track, and a better view.

Concrete example which Bekasi City Government policies caused the death of the economy can have a look at the path along the track until after the project Bekasi New markets are created in one direction, there are many business centers of business once the economy ( eg Rama, etc. ) who are forced to shut down due to reduced levels of density of two-way traffic to one-way.

Bekasi City Government role is certainly very necessary for the city of Bekasi who happened to be negatively impacted development Summarecon Bekasi area. In addition to the potential demise of the economy in the previous line, how to green open land or paddy fields that used to serve as a water catchment for some communities in North Bekasi, not to effect the development of the region causing pain on the people around who actually lived and settled first in Bekasi or again the proletariat has to give, return displaced, marginalized and oppressed by the swift development of the capitalist.

Written by: Yulyanto

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Friday reflection: Peasants and beggars

June 01, 2010 By: Bradley Yates Category: Agama, Citizen Journalism, Renungan

manUnlike Friday’s Day usually, Jum’atan this time to coincide with the holiday feast, so that I can fulfill dilingkungan Friday prayers this time around where I live, that area Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta.

When you receive the “Pulpit Bulletin Friday, as usual I read it. But I have eyes fixed on a reflection on the story of a farmer, which I think the story is very simple but quite provoking. Therefore I would like to once sharing his story here, here is a collection of his story:

Jalal Rumi in his book Al-Misnawi write, a farmer is working to bring a sack of wheat that is placed on a donkey, but the Wheat selelu fall. Then he thought, how mail; etakkan the grain sack over his ass, so as not to fall backs. Until at last he found an idea, to fill a sack with sand again then tie it with the grain sack. Wheat thus no longer fall because it balanced.

New evidently walked a long mile, because kecapean ass burden. So the thought-Petanipun to find rest. When was looking for, the-farmer met a beggar. Asked the little beggar-farmer, “What brought the donkey? The farmer replied, “The one sack of wheat content, while another contains only sand, so balanced”.

So beggars even then said to him, “Why sand filled? Is not would be better if the wheat were you for two, so kecapean donkey as a burden. “ Si-Petanipun think, it’s true what is arguably the beggar man. So he hung remove sand from a sack, and bisect sack full of grain.

Si-farmer continuing discussions with the beggars. And he increasingly fascinated impressed with the thought-beggars. Buat yg msh pada penasarannya and they were commenting on the-beggars. ”You are smart, you thought was so amazing, but why do you become a beggar?”.

Beggars even then replied, “That, as I continued to think about a lot of things that even I could not do anything.” Once the question is answered by the-beggar is, he thought even then confusion Si-Farmer-rushed left the Beggar for further proceedings.

Doing something without thinking, to trouble yourself. But just think even that is not enough time, if not accompanied by action-(collected from Bulletin No. Pulpit Friday. 22 Th. XXIV 14 Jumadil Alhir 1431H – May 28, 2010 Friday IV).

So bit of a pretty simple tale tickle in my opinion, hopefully sharing this could be beneficial for all of us, at least reminds us that regular meditation on whatever actions we’ve done over the years to create our thoughts over the years. Of course, we all do not want to be just like Beggar, which too many have brilliant ideas but never direalisasikannya! …. So do not just think, act from now!!! ………..

Sculpture “Three fathers” in Bekasi will be unloaded Forced!

May 27, 2010 By: Bradley Yates Category: Agama, Citizen Journalism, government, News, Renungan

tiga-mojangUntil the final deadline specified by the Government of Bekasi (5/25/10), the developer of Kota Harapan Indah in Bekasi apparently still not ready to dismantle the statue of ” three fathers “which has become an icon among the middle and upper areas of the housing.

Last week (5/17/10), Mayor of Bekasi, Mochtar Mohamad, a letter addressed to the developers that the City of Hope Beautiful sculpture ” Three fathers “located in Kota Harapan Indah subdistrict of Medan Satria, Bekasi is immediately dismantled in time 7 x 24 hours.

Order unravel itself is as written in the letter 300/1118-set/V/2010 numbered, and if this letter is not perceived by the developer, the Bekasi municipal government will send a letter back forced demolition by Balinese artist’s sculpture. The decision is a consequence of the actions performed by hundreds of demos to Muslims who joined the Anti-Apostasy Forum Bekasi (FAPB) on Friday (05.14.10) ago.

Sculpture ” Three fathers “itself is a sculpture installed as an icon at the entrance of Kota Harapan Indah housing in Bekasi, this statue could be controversial among the public for allegedly not a permit, while on the other hand according to the scholars, the statue is also incompatible with Bekasi Islamic culture and culture, and is regarded as a symbol of the Christianization .

Sculpture ” Three fathers “of development ingest 2.5 billion fund to achieve this could be occupied by the time for one day (05.14.10) by performing stunts and also scrawled cover the face sculpture” Three fathers “is a white cloth as time protests form.

statueMuslim Forum (FUI) Bekasi suspect that the development of sculpture ” Three fathers “is a part of an effort pengkristenisasi Bekasi, because the image is quite fun shapes using only a short skirt that shows a woman’s body shape, as well as the amount of available figurines 3 ( three ) units are also considered a symbol of the trinity by scholars around.

According to the original Bali is renown sculptor, Nyoman Nuarta , for this statue is often used as an icon to a location that is easily recognizable. For example, just as Ptung ” Welcome “in Bunderan Hotel Indonesia, Sculpture” Monument Farmers “in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Statues” Great Commander General Sudirman “on the Road General Sudirman and the like.

Nyoman Nuarta also stressed that there is no any element in the placement of the statue of ” three fathers “become a landmark Kota Harapan Indah in Bekasi . The statue, as well as beautify the entrance Kota Harapan Indah housing also serves as a marker area.

He made the statue come from a work of art that has a high taste and culture as the work of the nation, the statue also is an effort to preserve the Sundanese culture of the land, because the statue is located in Bekasi region which is also still in the province of West Java .

The latter case Flaming sufficiency around Bekasi also dilatar belakangi by the events of a type that reaches its climax at the time of the demo in Kota Harapan Indah residential area is on Friday last week (5/14/10).

Meanwhile, the weekend yesterday (05.23.10) when I was passing the Kota Harapan Indah is, it appears that the statue still stands proudly as it already did not see another streak-streak which used to be due to time demo on Friday ( 5/14/10) last week. Party developers seem to have started to clean up the graffiti and graffiti-back merapihkannya.

Since the first letter posted Bekasi government has ignored, then on this day, the government lifted back Bekasi second reminder letter, which means the letter of forced demolition sculpture ” Three fathers “to the PT Duta Earth Adipratama ( previously called PT hasana Damai Putra ) Housing developers as the City of Hope is Beautiful.

I hope the rising conflict recent progresses in Bekasi can be addressed by the government of Bekasi quickly and accurately, certainly well supported by the wise attitude of all of us, so as not to widen and become worse. This is simply not the case that the things we do not want together for beloved Bekasi.

Tour de ‘France (3): Jody sembung in Hong Kong! …….

May 27, 2010 By: Bradley Yates Category: Citizen Journalism, Wisata

The-Jaka-Sembung-300x285Before continuing the story of my journey from Hong Kong toward Paris, I want a little talk about the funny incident that happened when we were still in the queue in the plane heading for Hong Kong International Airport .

When you’re around the queues, we could bersapaan with a grandmother she was about more than the annual 55 their son whose age was more than 30 annual ranges. Here is a short excerpt about the conversation that occurred between us:

My colleague : ” From tampangnya (while whispering to me), these two men we also Yan kayaknya people! (Saapan my colleague to me)? ”

I : ” Bener bang (my greeting to my colleague said) , is definitely the us too! “, supported me.

Finally from my friends menyapalah-grandmother to the last in the Indonesian language, but because quite a lot of atmosphere and voice calls departure a rather disturbing our hearing, the grandmother who greeted the-nod-nod while saying something just does not sound too clear by we. Chat even then continues:

My colleague : ” Tuh Bener their khan ours also Yan, greeting him I’m clear coke! “, said my friend with Pede her.

I : ” Yes dear! He nod-nod whim, greeting lo tuh get it ! “, I celebrate.

Then my friends began to talk a little longer again ( in Indonesian ), and the last back-grandmother nod-nod to my colleague the speech. Then, this little-grandmother began to talk to us, ( like ) of himself, but at the same time we looked at each other and equal to not understand speech.

Me : ” Wow, she adopted vernacular kayaknya tuh bang! Kayaknya lo pake language! “said I ( incidentally my colleague native of Medan ).

My colleague : ” Yes kayaknya yach?? .. (While gazing at me with skepticism), the question nih noisy, so speech sounds obvious gak! “, tanggapnya.

Then he walked a few steps toward the queues, this time someone greets me in the language field ( Batak ) to si-grandmother is in a relatively close distance, and this time not only the wonder-grandmother with the greeting, even that began to take his chat now we seem to have started to follow the confusion. They start talking to whisper ( si-grandmother of the child ), and the children then greeted us in English.

Si-Son : ” Sorry, where are you come from? ”

My colleagues : ” We are from Indonesia, same as like you! “, replied my colleague still with his kepedean.

Si-Son : ” No, you are wrong! We are from Philipine! Cornejo guess that’s you are from Philipine also, and just speak in Tagalog language with you! “, she said while smiling plus bewildered astonishment.

My colleague : ” Ooops …. Really?? ….., oh … God! Sorry, I guess you are also from Indonesia! “….. .’m so sorry for this! ( while holding embarrassed and shocked because it’s already one guess ).

Me : ” Ha … ha … ha …. ha …. cape dech! Jody sembung also Pade ya! ……, lo-Pede anyway too late to bang!! …. he .. he … “( I even laughed amused witness the incident ).

My colleagues : ” He … he .. sory bro! … “( smiling wryly with his red face, while holding the shame and then passed ).

tour-de-franceThe above-grandmother and her son joined in the laughter tickled the funny witnessed the incident. While we all smiled-even slowly passed, advanced one by one leave the queue, because now it’s time we turn towards the line wing chair in our place, for 11 ( eleven ) at forward will sit and spend hours flying from Hong Kong International Airport , Hong Kong, heading for Charles de Gaulle International Airport , Paris-France ( unfortunately we could not mem-photo of their faces that Indonesia bangeetss ….. )

Tour de ‘France (2): Enjoy Jakarta-Hong Kong trip!

May 24, 2010 By: Bradley Yates Category: Citizen Journalism, Travel

tour-de-france” Ayaah, Ayoo … aik awatnya, dika au to ‘ancis ……, dika au go! …. “, smiling mixed touched me to hear what my children are not yet at the age of 3 ( three ) years, when with his mother drove me to the departure Soekarno-Hatta Airport in order to run the department office for 10 ( ten ) days in France.

Several times when the plane visible from a distance he always shouted, ” it awatnya! …… Ayoo ayaah …, ikuut?? …. “, when only on the day of departure he tell me about my planned departure to France. I had said to him: ” Dad wanted to France, working!, Dika keep Mother at home ya? …… “uh …, it turns out she already knew her father going where, consequently during dibandara he would not let go of my arms.

Like I told you in a previous article about plans for my departure to France, then on this occasion I intend to continue to share my journey for 8 ( eight ) days in France and 2 ( two ) days on the trip, which because of busy work so far, was delayed nearly more than 3 ( three ) months for in- post , ” heeemmmm …., I just realized that was a long time too yach?? …. “, but I hope not expired and still be useful if I shared here.

tour-de-france-1Arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport at approximately 13.00WIB, then after lunch at Tony Jack’s ( first McD ) with my little family, then I immediately got ready to do a boarding pass after saying goodbye to my wife and kids. China’s aviation aircraft owned by airlines, Chatay Pacific , which plans to take me for a little over 4 ( four ) hours to fly to Hong Kong International Airport for transit , before continuing the journey to Charles de Gaulle International Airport ( in French: Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle) , Paris-France.

During the plane trip, despite not being in class executive of but the service provided by the airlines , international, Cathay Pacific is quite satisfactory, ranging from the hospitality of his crew, delicious food and beverages served, until the complete facility of audio-visual that makes me really enjoy The trip, in stark contrast to domestic travel that I often do well in Indonesia.

tour-de-france-2Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport at approximately 21.00 local time and after passing through several checkpoints are fairly detailed and very time consuming ( in my opinion ), because it must be stripped like a criminal who was caught red-handed, I immediately rushed to the departure gate number 65, to meet with someone from your company is also assigned together to France, but he departed from Ngurahrai Airport, Bali and a new plan at 23.45 local time, the aircraft Chatay Pacific flight number CX-261 would take us to fly to Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG ) , Paris-France.

Time for a little over almost 3 ( three ) hours left to wait for the next flight we use to relax while chatting with a monitor screen laptop that was never out of the world online . Conditions of Hong Kong International Airport is very convenient facilities coupled with access wi-fi is very tight, we really enjoyed making the waiting time. Occasionally we also lay down that began to feel sore and tired from the trip will definitely be very time-consuming that.

As I lay down I try to think to compare the Hong Kong International Airport with other international airports, especially those owned by our country, Indonesia. From my experience a few times and the service was out of town stopped at international airports during this class, my knowledge in addition to Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Tangerang ( formerly Jakarta ), there is also the Juanda Airport in Surabaya, Balikpapan Sepinggan Airport, airport in Bali and Ngurahrai Other airports that ( maybe ) I have not flown, I feel there is much difference is quite significant , especially in terms of security and comfort.

For example, in terms of comfort, once when I went to Jakarta in Surabaya Juanda Airport shortly after boarding passes and get outside in the hallway waiting for the departure lounge, I took myself for a quick lunch disebuah air restaurant is crowded because strewn with cigarette smoke and because of ( accidental ) I am not a smoker, this condition certainly makes me very uncomfortable and immediately rushed to leave the restaurant after eating a meal.

tour-de-france-3This condition was not met in my Hong Kong International Airport , ranging from very comfortable lounge area, security is always alert and pacing around the waiting room to make the visitors airports ( including me ) feel very comfortable. Before going further I relax while sleeping in a chair waiting, call departure to Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG), Paris-France, finally greeted us to immediately rush to get into the queue passenger aircraft had been seen standby since an hour ago in position.

While preparing passports and plane tickets, we remain in the ranks of the queue while waiting for plane crews Chatay Pacific basin are beautiful famous Hong Kong film actress who is paired with Jacky Chen or Jet Li , we came one by one to check the ticket and give it the stamp on our passport

Facebook, you are in Trouble Now!!!…

May 20, 2010 By: Bradley Yates Category: Agama, blogger, government, News

tour-de-france-4The rise of provocative movements through social networking site Facebook last few weeks, especially on the issue of convening sara because online competition to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad through the online site, angered Muslims in the world, including Indonesia.

Competition to draw the Prophet Muhammad was announced that a group calling itself the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!“. competition is planned to be held on May 20, 2010. The information contained in the group who made ​​since 25 April 2010 it was stated that:  “May 20th 2010 is draw Mohammed day! Help spread knowledge about this important day – invite your friends! ”.Until the day of the race (20/05/10) This group already has a record number of 80,291 people supporting.

This condition is of course very alarming, because in addition to insults and defamation action against Islam, the act of omission which is done by the social networking site Facebook was also considered to have hurt Muslims in this world. Logically, as the owner of the site, of course it is very easy to immediately delete the content that really provoke the Muslims, but it still is not done until the day of convening the race. Whether it is an element of negligence or intentional? … Is that we must find answer together.

In Indonesia alone, the government through the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Tifatul Sembiring, admitted that he had sent a letter of protest directly to social networking site Facebook to immediately close the account because it is considered very provocative and an insult to Muslims.

Additionally MCIT also have recourse to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the Association of Indonesian Buddhism (Awari) to block the account address “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” on social networking site Facebook. Page contest that invites people to create the image of Prophet Muhammad SAW clearly had insulted Islam. Page was judged to have violated the Act No. 36 of 1999 on Telecommunications and Article 21 of Law No. 11 of 2008 Article 28 Paragraph 2 of the ITE about “ banning dissemination of hatred and enmity against individuals or communities based on race, religion, and race ”.

Similar protests have also carried out by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), associated with the act of omission harassment and humiliation against the Muslims.They condemned the actions performed by the owner of omission social networking site.

Meanwhile in Pakistan , since last Tuesday (18/05/2010), the government has ordered Internet service providers to block only the Facebook page showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. However, on Wednesday (19/05/2010) the court reversed the decision by ordering the closure of all the Facebook pages, even until this evening (20/05/2010) Facebook country is still not accessible to its users, although the use of the BlackBerry and devices Another mobile that generally can be used to access the page.Two years ago (2007) also had close pakistan famous video website youtube for about a year because they are already showing un-Islamic videos.

The development of technology has always been to produce two sided, positive impacts and negative impacts. This event is clearly very negative impact on the development of social networking sites are growing very fast in the world, especially in Indonesia. Since the end of last year alone (03/12/2009) has recorded more than 350 million Facebookers in the world who use the services of this site. This condition can only worsen the growth of Facebook, especially in Indonesia. If left unchecked or ignored by the owners of this website, the event is an insult to Muslims would have a serious impact on the growth of this site.

Although it is not easy, but the movements close facebook account could continue to occur, if not immediately dealt with wisely by the site owner. The question is how should we should act towards these conditions??? ………

Exactly a year ago (20/05/2009), I also once wrote an article about how we should behave towards social networking site Facebook called this, I quote the following article, the information may still be useful for all of us, and began to think again how should we have to treat this site! …..

A Facebookers you? … Beware! … Beware! …

“ Do not forget the “Tag” ya .. ! “…, was there any among you who do not understand the statement? … If the answer is yes, it indicates that you have not been following the development of” Information and Communication Technology (ICT) “to the current carefully.

For those of you who “ Internet literacy ”, this is not something new, since this condition often occurs and may also spoken by your own, shortly after a moment that is often in the air photo-capture with photo ria passed, usually at the end of the event will be spoken words like that.

Yes, this is a phenomenal overview of the many amenities ( facilities ) offered by the social networking site called Facebook , which currently is one of the sites that are most in demand by visitors in the internet world. By (20/05/09), this Facebook site occupies position 4 in the world, while in Indonesia itself up successfully become the most popular site in the top position.

In addition to one of the facilities as described above, social networking internet sites are very popular these days, it is also possible for users to add a variety of programs to profile their applications, ranging from the application program games, quizzes, IQ tests and so on.

But no doubt, that among the many amenities and conveniences offered by the Facebook site as a social networking site is a trend now, there are some negative sides as well follow suit.

“ You want to know where the downside? Please read this article until the end. ”

“Stealing Data Through Applications”

Recent team click the BBC has found a way to make people and the theft of his personal data on Facebook without their knowledge.

As described in the publication, the BBC team trying to create a fictitious profile and created a special application for Facebookers users, and so added an app, then connected friends who would normally participate compelled to add the application.

BBC team succeeded in designing a data collector application “ evil ”as”miner ”in less than three hours, which, if desired, can be” disguised ”as a game, intelligence tests, quizzes, and so on.

Cracks were discovered by the BBC team is very possible also to be done by other parties who would deliberately misuse the personal data contained in the Facebook network to specific interests ( perhaps ) could be fatal for the victim.

The fact that the BBC team can easily create applications that have been troubling a lot of people. It feels no need to have a program like that to be a victim, because we can also become victims when there are friends in the Facebook network have this kind of program.

It is a reflection of a weakness in the security system that is owned by social networking site Facebook recently, in an effort to protect users (Facebookers ) against identity theft.

Another difficulty experienced by Facebook for securing data and upload the application on Facebook is because the application is running as a third-party server, not on the Facebook server. As a result it is difficult for Facebook to control the applications as “ miner ”is.

This condition does not occur in one of a kind social networking sites, such as MySpace that operate all applications on his server. MySpace could conduct an examination of any application that uploads every moment and take some remedial action if the creator began intend “ evil“by changing the code.

“Once in Facebook, you can not really get out of Facebook.”

I took the title of , in one posting, entitled: “Evidently, Facebook Owns Me ”. Articles submitted by Jen illustrates how difficult it is in the Facebook account deletion, as if Facebook becomes the owner of the data yourself.

The difficulty out of the Facebook site, is often disputed by its users.Several similar cases have occurred related to the difficulty of deleting your Facebook account can also be found among the blogs , in a posting titled: “ 2504 Step to Closing Your Facebook Account ”, which even had specifically discussed in the New York Times .

In Indonesia alone, a similar thing had happened to Jajar Siahaan , a writer on one of the blogs online. Parallelogram described the experience in a nutshell how difficult it delete Facebook accounts, through a posting titled: “ Beware of Using Facebook ”.

Some cases above is a picture of how difficult it is for you the Facebookers ( especially long and active ), to get out of the Facebook network and erase all the data you’ve stored via this website.

Therefore I need to remind you again that all of the data you have input through your Facebook account, it would be very difficult to be removed. When you do the “ delete ”or” deactive ”your account on Facebook, you input the data that has been previously deleted are not necessarily straight away.

It is like the case of Steven Mansour , who has actually managed to do in the Facebook account deletion process after going through the stages that are so hard and so long.

So, from now on be careful and start doing sorting on any matters that are “ worthy of you sharing ”, which certainly would not be fatal to yourself in the future.

May be useful ………

Blogger Bekasi: “Penetrating the Boundary” through Amprokan Blogger (AB)

March 17, 2010 By: Bradley Yates Category: Amprokan Blogger, blogger, Citizen Journalism

groupExtraordinary! …. It is a word that first comes to mind me after the show Amprokan Blogger ( AB ) 2010 for 2 ( two ) consecutive days ( 6-7 March 2010 ), finished conducted by Bekasi Blogger Community ( Be-Blog ). How not, not even one year old, ” Be-Blog “again drew the attention of bloggers nationwide, through Blogger Amprokan 2010 initiated purely by friends Be-Blog to embody the ideals that have become the tagline of his, namely : ” Penetrating the Boundary “.

After declaring himself was born on August 17, 2009, ” Be-Blog “held a launching community on October 17, 2009 and then by presenting some ” Celeb Blog “in this country and a Marshal ( ret. ) Chappy Hakim, former KSAU-RI, which is now active as a blogger in Kompasiana , Bekasi Blogger Community ( ) or more popularly known as ” Be-Blog “again kicked off the world’s per-bloggers in the country. No half-hearted, this time the ” Be-Blog “managed to successfully hold the event” Amprokan Blogger “or” Blogger Gathering “national standard by presenting hundreds of bloggers from various communities across Indonesia.

The ” Amprokan Blogger “is itself held to welcome the Anniversary (HUT) Bekasi that the 13 (10/03/10) with a fully supported by the Government of Bekasi City as host and sponsor some assistance from the private sector, such as Telkom -Speedy,, XL, and several other sponsors.

” Amprokan Blogger “is divided into several segments of the show are packaged nicely and systematically by none other organizers who are active members of the board and incorporated in Bekasi Blogger Community. The first day (06/03/10) committee held two events at once, namely the ” anjangsana “and” Workshop “, then the second day (07/03/10) followed by events in the form of” Interactive Seminar “with the informant credible and certainly experts in their respective fields.
Bloggers lure with “anjangsana” and “Anjangsini” …….

The correct word in the sub-title above is ” anjangsana “, but I pelesetkan be” anjangsana “and” Anjangsini “, since this activity is activity around the streets of Bekasi City and surrounding areas. The participating bloggers invited to visit ” there “and” here “by the committee to be accompanied by police escort Bekasi City Government (06/03/10).

Hundreds of bloggers, who have signed either directly online or guest bloggers who come from various parts of the ground water ( which is specifically invited by the committee to be present in order to enliven the event Amprokan Blogger ), invited by the committee to several areas around the monumental area in Bekasi and surrounding the show sessions ” anjangsana “this.

Meeting point is housed in hundreds of bloggers Hajj, which is also deliberately prepared by the committee for bloggers outside the area who want to stay for free, to follow the course of events ” Amprokan Blogger “, along with the bloggers who participated but did not stay because it comes from Bekasi area itself , near Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi ( Jabodetabek ).

5 ( five ) bus has been prepared by the committee on Hajj building parking area since early morning to escort the bloggers doing the ” anjangsana “. Besides, the government also set up Bekasi special escort of police to support the safety and smooth running of the day visit the blogger in Bekasi City and surrounding areas.

tugu-bina-bangsa1Visit first the blogger is ” Tugu Bina Bangsa “which is in the location Gymnasium ( GOR ) Bekasi City, which is located just opposite of the Office of Government agencies Bekasi. Not many people know ( although Bekasi citizens themselves ), that in the GOR stands a monument that turned out to have the value of historically high enough, associated with the values ​​of society struggle Bekasi past.

Monument that resembles the shape of a bamboo pole towering above poem is accompanied by an inscription Anwar famous work entitled: ” Karawang-Bekasi “the front yard, unkempt look ( dull ) even rhyme-writing was barely legible at all. Usually on holidays, Bekasi many people who spend time with family for a leisurely stroll while exercising in the area.

Bekasi is a city which is most worthy to be called ” City of Heroes “after the city of Surabaya in East Java. This condition is certainly not in the claims granted, but is supported by some evidence about the history of the struggle for independence Bekasi in the Republic of Indonesia (Homeland) from the hands of the invaders advance.

Along the way the bus, respectively, the bloggers also provided a glimpse of Bekasi and locations that have been and will be passed, by a committee that seems to act as a tour-guide for bloggers. Committee just wanted to make sure that the drive for ” anjangsana “not going to bore the participants because the journey is too long, as it other than as a tour-guide also provides a committee occasional games or stories refreshing that the participants did not feel sleepy or fall asleep, so that it can capture and convey what they know about the current Bekasi return to their respective areas later.

ukmSite visits were second in the series ” Amprokan Blogger “this time it is visited Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Dolls Doll Artisans Association of Small Industries (HIKPIB) in Bekasi city located at the village wells very close to Stone and Integrated Waste Disposal Site (TPST ) Bantar Gebang, Bekasi. Various types of dolls produced export quality here, everything is translated and introduced by its chairman (Pri) to the bloggers who attended.

Honestly, Bekasi Blogger Community greatly helped at all with the support of the Government of Bekasi in ” Amprokan Blogger “this time, as well as in the form of cash, goods, entertainment, escorts, etc., the Bekasi municipal government officials and their staffs, as Deputy Mayor Bekasi ( H. Rahmat Effendi ), is also involved in a discussion with the bloggers in a short amount of time in the area of SMEs Dolls and TPST-Bantar Gebang.

tpstThe next trip ( third ) is the location of the Integrated Waste Disposal Site (TPST) Bantar Gebang, which is one of the biggest landfills in Indonesia. Unlike visit tourist in general, where we have always brought to the place where the beautiful, luxurious and fun, this time the blogger participants ” anjangsana “will be taken by a committee of friends to the site that actually most widely shunned by most of our society, because considered dirty and disgusting, the landfill that though from a distance, has begun poking nose-rotten scent.

Arriving in the location, the location turned out Bantar gebang TPST is not as we imagine that should reek scattered everywhere, even the participants began to feel comfortable to sit and listen to a few words of welcome from the Deputy Mayor of Bekasi ( H. Rahmat Effendi ), along with an explanation other relevant parties relating to how to optimize waste management. Currently, TPST Bantar Gebang is also being used as a ” Pilot Project “in Indonesia as a pure powerhouse of waste generated.

After being given a little briefing about the knowledge and ways of waste management in the region, the participants were then invited to walk the shores of the high mound of rubbish that is almost equivalent to a 4-storey building ( four ) and are also described in more detail locations and machines are a waste management. The scorching sun did not make the dreadful downs of his desire of the participants to find out more detail about how the garbage in Bekasi is on though.

kota-jababekaThe next trip ( all four ), the participants are invited to a location that is beyond Bekasi, namely Jababeka Industrial Estate ( City Jababeka ) located in Cikarang, Bekasi. Because it is quite far away, traveling from TPST-Bantar Gebang to the location Jababeka City takes less than 1 ( one ) hour duration.

Police escort from Bekasi also just got the West Bekasi toll booth, and then followed by the Bekasi district after a group of participants ” Amprokan Blogger “arrives at the exit Jababeka-Cikarang toll. Although somewhat ambiguous in terms of setting the bus during the journey to the city of Jababeka, because it is no longer getting startup, but things can still be handled by the committee, and everything can run smoothly and according to plan.

Location ” anjangsana “fourth visit by the participants” Amprokan Blogger “is” President of the University (PU) “located Jababeka industrial region-1, Cikarang ( City Jebabeka ). When you start to enter the city area Jababeka, the participants had anticipated by the tour-guide city which has made ​​herself ready Jababeka front door of the region, in order to explain in more detail Jababeka City again.

Arriving on campus ” University President “, the participants were treated to lunch dishes directly by the college. Traveling since morning did not seem to make the participants tired, after lunch with the participants eagerly listened back exposure from Suresh Kumar ( lecturer in PU ), I Made Suryadhama ( General Manager City Jababeka ), Eka Budianta ( manager “Botanical Garden” City Jababeka who is a writer who earned the nickname “Father of Indonesian Tree” by the bloggers in attendance ), and Aris Heru Utomo , chairman of Bekasi Blogger Community as well as in charge of organizing ” Amprokan Blogger “.

A brief explanation yet dense enough so gives an overview representative how managed Jababeka City ‘s vision and mission are so revolutionary, is not wrong if then many industry players ( investors ) who prefer Jababeka City as their place to invest, because there are a lot of advantages for investors to invest in the City Jababeka, such as raw materials, industry and labor are available in one place, like a food chain that never broke up and stopped.

balonVisit ” anjangsana “the next blogger or the fifth is divided into 2 ( two ) locations, where the 3 ( three ) direct bus bound for the ” Botanical Garden “, Jababeka City, while the 2 ( two ) another bus to the location of a student dormitory ” University President “, and then followed the participants who had gathered first region” Botanical Garden “.

Most bloggers from outside the region are also given the honor by the manager of the ” Botanical Garden “directly to plant trees that accidentally had been prepared by the” Botanical Garden “, and then proceed with the birthday greet tumpengan” Botanical Garden “which is supposed to fall on March 8, 2010. Rintikan rain while violet dusk began to reveal itself, it did not make the participants interrupted, up-too tumpengan event, has been completed.

With removable by a special escort from the City Jababeka, finally 5 ( five ) bus carrying the bloggers to do ” A njangsana “immediately drove back to the area of Bekasi Mayor Hall Home Office ( H. Mochtar Mohamad ) in Bekasi. The ride was quite tiring indeed, but of course it will not be replaced with much experience of the bloggers get during the ” anjangsana “is.

Before maghrib terjelang, blogger entourage arrived at the official residence of the Mayor of Bekasi pavilion, where there has also been welcomed by most of the committee and the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who peddle their handicrafts. While enjoying a break at home office of Mayor of Bekasi, participants were in fact the bloggers immediately issued ” his weapon “, ie laptops and the like to compete following the” Live Blogging Contest “which has also been scheduled by the committee.
“Workshop” Spoil The Fatigue Blogger

penyematan-PINHaving tired of Bekasi City and surrounding most of the day, in the evening the bloggers the opportunity to perform ” S arasehan “with Mayor of Bekasi ( Bp. H. Mochtar Mohamad ) and their staffs. While enjoying dinner at home Bekasi Mayor’s office, the bloggers are also treated to entertainment band , famous dangdut singer in the homeland ( iyet Bustami ), performing arts and dance typical of Bekasi and closed with ” Midnight Talk Show “with a lovely blogger who has published a book, Risa Amrikasari and one of the famous celebrities in this country, Jane Shalimar , which today has become a blogger.

A dinner with a very evocative decor and entertainment band specially prepared by the Government of Bekasi was tempting the bloggers who despite being a bit tired because she invited around Bekasi tired all day, but they are still passionately following the course of events, even down right for dancing with the artists.

Sidelines of the ” Workshop “also present the senior bloggers like Enda Nasution ( better known as the Father of Indonesian Blogger ), Faith Brotoseno ( blogger party chairman in 2009 ), Antyo Rentjoko or more popularly known as Uncle Tyo ( one of the founders dagdigdug. com ), along with other senior blogger who deliberately come on a special invitation from the committee ” Amprokan Blogger “Bekasi.

Enda Nasution as one of the pioneers of the development of ground water bloggers were also given the opportunity to give a speech word-duapatah said, the impression and message to the national event was initiated by the Bekasi Blogger Community. Then a positive response, also presented by the Mayor of Bekasi ( H. Mochtar Mohamad ), associated with the ” Amprokan Blogger “in progress, even Bekasi Mayor promised that the event would be an annual event held to celebrate the anniversary (HUT ) Bekasi.

Bekasi mayor hopes that the results ” Amprokan Blogger “can fully benefit the community, and for the Government of Bekasi. The role of the bloggers for the construction of Bekasi is expected to continue to increase over time. Welcome pack Bekasi Mayor menyematan pin end with ” Amprokan Blogger “by Bekasi Blogger Community Chairman, Aris Heru Utomo as a sign that” the Government and the City of Bekasi Bekasi Blogger Community will continue to work together to develop the City of Bekasi towards a better direction . ”

The concept of the ” Workshop “which was initiated by the committee” Amprokan Blogger “is actually somewhat deviated slightly from the schedule that has been agreed, because originally the sidelines of the session will be held” Talkshow “, but because of all the agenda is controlled by the mayor of Bekasi protocol then the event already on-set by the committee since its inception little changed.

However, entertainment is deliberately presented by the City of Bekasi for bloggers participants ” Amprokan Blogger “night was enough to make the bloggers entertained, even some who join for dancing near the stage entertainment. ” Midnight Talkshow “that do not exist in the scenario of” Workshop “, which eventually became the cover of the bloggers who actually entertaining with the remnants of the spirit that is still loyal to wait until the” Workshop “is completed.

talkshowExpertise a Sutrisno Eko Hadi ( Eko Eshape ), who is Vice Chairman of the Bekasi Blogger Community is already no doubt, as a former national champion in 1978 Lawak and once an MC, he is able to create an event that was almost lost ” lost interest ” her, to “restrain” back, even very life, to end up with laughter and smiles satisfied bloggers.
Knowledge equip Bloggers through “Interactive Seminar”
The second day of the show ” Amprokan Blogger “scheduled” Interactive Seminar “with speakers from among bloggers and experts in their respective fields. Originally the event will be attended and opened by the Deputy Mayor of Bekasi ( H. Rahmat Effendi ), but due to some reason he could not attend, the event was finally opened by the Head of Department ( Head ) Telematics ( Mrs. Nelly ) Bekasi City Government.

In principle Bekasi City Government is very grateful to the pengggagas this event, and then also to the bloggers outside the area also has deigned to attend Amprokan Blogger for two consecutive days. Bekasi City Government strongly supports the activities of Bekasi Blogger Community, especially because in line with the vision and mission of the City of Bekasi, associated with the concept of E-Government is becoming more popular lately amid growing progress ” Information and Communication Technology (ICT) “.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Bekasi Blogger Community, Aris Heru Utomo also deliver a speech, associated with the seminar entitled ” E-Government and the Role of Bloggers “which will be held for a full day and is divided into 2 ( two ) seminar sessions.

” Interactive Seminar “at the first session on the theme:” Green Cyber ​​City and the Role of Community Blogger “, moderated by a veteran blogger, namely Emery Taufik Gobel is not another one of Bekasi Blogger Community advisory board.

While it is present as speakers such as, Budi Putra , a full-professional bloggers in Indonesia as well as founder currently has served as Yahoo! Indonesia Country Editor . Other speakers presenting an IT expert as well as founder , namely Romi Satria Wahono .

Meanwhile, Minister of Communications and Information Technology ( MCIT ), Tifakul Sembiring is scheduled to present as keynote speaker apparently canceled his attendance because they have to attend an event in Palembang, because it Menkominfo sent Ahmad Mabruri which is one of the expert staff of the MCIT in Amprokan Blogger in Bekasi.

Was attended by more than 200 bloggers making seminar located in the Auditorium Building the Constitutional Court Training Center , Bekasi is going very interesting to note, on the other hand the speaker as the speaker is also the people who are already very popular because of their roles have flight hours long enough in the world of the blogger’s ground water.

talkshow-vavai” Interactive Seminar “at the second session started after lunch and a collection of books by Community movement” A Million Books for Indonesian Children (Sebuai) “, which is under the theme” E-Government, Blogger and Community Empowerment “. The moderator is Masim Lewis or more popularly known as ” vavai “, an original senior blogger Bekasi, IT practitioners are also one of the administrators Bekasi Blogger Community blog and community founder ” Opensuse “in Indonesia.

The speakers are present is no less popular with the first seminar session, including the Nukman Luthfie , an expert and consultant ” Virtual Marketing “which is also one of the community advisory Hands On Top (TDA). Other speakers, should present Mayor of Bekasi ( H. Mochtar Mohamad ) Sragen Regent ( Wiyono ), but because of busy each and can not attend, the seminar had two sessions represented only Nukman Luthfie and Dwiyanto who act as representatives of the void Sragen Regent present to the City of Bekasi.

Keberminatan seminar participants on the topics raised by the speakers, be it in the first session and the second session seems quite high, it is evident from the enthusiasm of the questions raised by the bloggers. The success of the seminar day in Amprokan Aulia Blogger in Bekasi City Training Center of the Constitutional Court can not be separated from the role of Bekasi Blogger Community elders, namely M. Syaifulloh a duet with his wife hand in hand with the whole acting as MC of the event, even suddenly the bloggers who attended were surprised by the song ” Mars Bloggers “who created impromptu by them.

After the distribution of door prizes , Vice Chairman Bekasi Blogger Community, Eko Hadi Sutrisno ( Eko Eshape ) the opportunity to return to cover the whole event that afternoon seminar. After the closing prayer was held by one of the committee Amprokan Blogger, Komaruddin Ibn Mikam, followed by a session of photo-photo with the bloggers in attendance and the whole committee ” Amprokan Blogger “.

The closing Benediction be the end of all the hustle and bingarnya event ” Amprokan Blogger “in Bekasi. Mengarukan atmosphere seems pretty obvious on the face of the blogger , ” Yes, there is no meeting without separation , “it will re-run the activities and preoccupations of each, but a definite one, a sense of brotherhood among bloggers was more viscous with the conduct of events like this.

Although many still perceived shortcomings here and there, however, the event is considered quite successful by most bloggers were present and clearly visible from the results of its coverage through ” blogging media “journalists and friends from the” mainstream media “.

Managed to collect hundreds of bloggers from all over the country is an achievement that is quite encouraging for Bekasi Blogger Community, other than that the show ” Amprokan Blogger “is also one of the biggest event after the Pesta Blogger 2009 last year on a national scale.

tapal-batasOnce again, this is an honor for Bekasi Blogger Community, because it can realize ” Amprokan Blogger “in Bekasi nationally. It seems, Bekasi Blogger Community has actually ” Penetrate the Boundary “. An ” idea “worldwide is also being prepared by the Bekasi Blogger Community. ” So, dont miss it guys! “, wait for the surprises” Penetrating Boundary “Other than us, COMMUNITY BLOGGER JAKARTA ………..

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