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Getting it appropriate Bekasi Award As Best-5 “Media Center” Se-Indonesia?

February 17, 2012 By: Bradley Yates Category: Bekasi, Citizen Journalism, government, motivation, Renungan

public-informationCongratulation? for Bekasi City Government since returning excel in the National Evaluation of Synergy Media Public event held at Hotel Sahid Imara, Palembang ( 16.02.12 ) and was organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia through the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication , City Bekasi successfully nominated in 10 of the ” Media Center “best, which became the 5th best in Indonesia for the category ” Media Center “.

The criteria for assessment by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia through the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication, among others of the authenticity of the news aspect , contributions or donations given by local news from January to December 2011 , as well as the communication between the media center in the area with the Central Government .

130 ” Media Center “area ( province, city and district ) were assessed by the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication throughout Indonesia, Bekasi successfully won the best award to-5. A feat that is quite encouraging for Bekasi City Government and Society course, although not being the best first as achieved by Singkawang District of West Kalimantan Province.

I myself do not really know in detail about the ” Media Center “in question here, which is obviously” Media Center “is set up with the aim of providing information to the community development and also as a place for the media to obtain information development has been done by every- each Regional Working Units ( on education ) in the local government area / district. To date the role of Media Center are considered quite effective to provide information that is local wisdom in this country so that people can get useful information, so as to create two-way communication, both vertically and horizontally.

The question is, can be the best Bekasi regency Singkawang first like today, in the years to come ? Given the rapid growth of the city of Bekasi, especially in terms of the development of public information, this actually is not a difficult thing for the City of Bekasi. Why is not difficult? Like we all know, since the establishment of a Community Blogger ( writer online ) in Bekasi first and named ” Bekasi Blogger Community “or more popularly called” Beblog “which incidentally is also focused on” sharing of public information “, then it would be very easy for Bekasi city as a whole to begin to clean up to be the best as the ” Media Center “throughout Indonesia.

Breakthrough ” Beblog “with a myriad of achievements currently has the vision and mission in line with the main objective ” Media Center “to share public information, is actually one of the strengths of Bekasi City Government to be the best as the” Media Center “, and of course will impact greatly significant if only the Government of Bekasi sensitive and observant enough to see the opportunities in synergy with “Beblog” more intensively again.

The presence of ” Beblog “a very clear vision and mission for the community and the City of Bekasi today, should be put to good use by the competent authorities and decision-makers to explore more seriously the potential of local knowledge Bekasi through long-term cooperation in particular the associated with the development of a ” Media Center “Bekasi City Government.

Although he has made ​​several synergies in the form of support for sponsorship in this community event a few times, but the presence of ” Beblog “for Bekasi City Government until now seemed impressed not considered important enough. In fact, if it can work together well, even the existence of ” Beblog “This could also be one of the referral and evaluation for the City of Bekasi to share public information more effectively.

Sharing information with the public is very strong local content of Bekasi City and surrounding areas on the portal ” Beblog “This has been done quite well by the bloggers who are members of this community, which mostly have a very diverse background, ranging from housewives, students , students, teachers, professors, employees, businessmen / entrepreneurs, politicians, reporters / journalists, diplomatic officials and even to professional writers. They all write about Bekasi, good and bad about Bekasi discussed in detail from the point of view which is very different from the point of view of the government.

So, if the question is: Getting Bekasi Pantaskah Award as Best-5 Media Center in Indonesia? , then the answer is obviously only less wonder , why? Because the truth could Bekasi and even so has the opportunity to become ” Media Center ” Best First in Indonesia. With the efforts of the City Government of Bekasi to the management of public information they have today, in the form of revamping some indicators of public information such as Bekasi City’s online website itself, and the provision of opportunity for writers to submit opinions posted directly on the official portal Bekasi , then also the presence of several online communities like ” Beblog “, should be synergized seriously and comprehensively to make the City of Bekasi to be the best in terms of ” Media Center “.

The ” Media Center “has indeed made ​​image Bekasi City Government is now ” good “, but not the” Best “in terms of” Media Center “, so do not feel too complacent and proud once let alone to get carried away, because it was awarded The.

There is a wise proverb that says: ” Good is the Enemy of Great “, that is if we’re feeling pretty good ( Good ) usually we never encouraged to be the best and outstanding ( Great ). Because of ” Good “is usually has put us in a position or area that is very comfortable ( Comfort Zone ), making it difficult, even very lazy to develop into the best and outstanding ( Great ).

Therefore the main enemy to be ” Great “is” Good “, and therefore it is also only a few others of us who could be” great “at this time because it was lulled into” Good “. So, now we leave the option to the Government of Bekasi City! Quite simply choose to be ” Good “, or not satisfied and want to be” Great “.

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